Saturday, December 13, 2008

Book signing + Q&A with ARMSROCK & ELBOW-TOE today @ Thinkspace...

Please join us for a live Q&A with ARMSROCK & ELBOW-TOE today, Sat, December 13th, from 4-5pm with a book signing to follow at 5-6pm with ARMSROCK for "All My Friends Are Made Of Paper"

ARMSROCK's book features a special introduction by Swoon, a hand screen-printed cover, 96 pages with lots of color images, is limited to 2,000 copies and was printed by the fine folks over at Wooster Collective.

Q&A with ARMSROCK & ELBOW: Saturday, Dec. 13th 4-5PM

ARMSROCK Book Signing: Saturday, Dec. 13th 5-6PM

Thank you to all that came out to the opening last night, it was an amazing evening!!!

More opening night shots posted soon on our flickr...

For now check out some great shots from the folks at Arrested Motion here.

Be sure to keep an eye out about town too... they've been busy.

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