Monday, May 26, 2008

Amy Sol print details / show sneak peak...

Kokiri Carousel

Giclee print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag fine art archival paper
Hand-signed & numbered by the artist
Limited Edition of 75 prints (+ 5 artist proofs)
18x22 1/2" (image area: 16x20 1/2")
$250 each

Above are the details for the print from Amy Sol that we'll be releasing on the opening night of "Karmic Magic". Additonal details will be announced soon concerning the sale of the print. As mentioned previously, we will not be doing any kind of pre-sale on the print prior to the opening night reception. We may open a bit early, prior to opening, for sales of the print. Nothng is confirmed yet, and we'll announce all the week of the show. If you are not on our mailing list, please be sure to sign up so you receive the updates leading into the opening.

Please do not inquire before then, as nothing has been decided upon just yet, and all the details confirmed thus far are posted here. If the prints make it past the opening, we'll release them that weekend on our site or reach out to those that have inquired from out of state on the print. It really all depends on how many are left after the opening, so we can't confirm anything on that front until the morning after the opening. Please know there will be a limit of only one print per patron at the opening reception on Fri, June 13th.

We've well over 150 collectors on her preview list for the original works in the show, possibly many more as it's been a bit since we last updated the spread sheet. We're expecting 13 original works, so please know it's going to be extremely difficult to get past the early part of our waiting list that has been growing for well over a year now. I wish we could help everyone out, but sadly that just isn't possible in a situation like this.

To help hold you all over, Amy's recently posted some great progress shots on her blog of a couple works from "Karmic Magic". Check out more here:

If you didn't get the chance to check out Amy's presentation in Australia at the big Semi-Permanent Festival, snippets have been posted here for all to enjoy:

Also as part of the Semi-Permanent 2008 Design Conference in Perth, Australia, artists Amy Sol and Ben Frost engaged in a cut and paste battle using low-tech masking tape, student helpers and a crazy assortment of found objects. Check that out here:

We'll be posting some more sneak peaks ourselves of full works as we get closer to the show. Stay tuned...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Brazilian artist Thais Beltrame rocks Carmichael!

Brazilian artist Thais Beltrame is in town and she's rocking the house over at Carmichael. She's done a huge mural in the back gallery and has a wall of over a dozen of her whimsical and heart felt mixed media drawings on paper. The one above is one of my favorites from the show and below is one of our purchases from the show. Seth's wife is out of town due to family matters, so I stopped by to help a brother out on my home this eve and had the honor to help hang her works and got to chat a bit with her. She deserves all the attention she's getting right now, really sweet person. Don't kick yourself a year from now, get down to Carmichael tomorrow... it's right up the road from SURU... so hit both those and then head on over to Culver to see Bozic's mind bender at Kinsey/DesForges (WOW). What a night for art!!!

Great YouTube video here:

Check out some more of Thais' work here:

The heat on Ekundayo's show at SURU builds...

The heat is really building up leading into EKUNDAYO's mini-solo at SURU this Sat on Melrose. Pieces are already being snapped up by some pretty major players in the art/entertainment world, so don't sleep on this show. just posted a nice lil' preview here:

This preview also links to a new interview that just posted here:

Pics above and below courtesy of (thanks Jack!). At the top of this post is a nice shot of Dayo rockin' his mural on the front of SURU and below hanging with LP's Joe Hahn. This is just a teaser of what's to come from Dayo and KMNDZ this October... don't miss this one!

Thursday, May 22, 2008 post preview of Ekundayo @ SURU... post preview of Ekundayo's new show at SURU opening this Sat:

"If you're already a fan of his work, you need to check the show out. If you're not familiar with him, then this is a great starting point." -

Hope to see some of you out at the show this Saturday. Dayo rocked a huge mural on the front of the store too that has to be seen. PLUS there's a killer limited tee available at the opening too (see below). Don't miss this one.

7662 Melrose (right by Fairfax / next to Brooklyn Projects)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Opening night pics for May posted on our Flickr...

In addition to the shots just posted of our recent May openings, we've also just added a bunch to our Flickr set at the below address.

Opening night shots for "Uncommon Gardens", "Plaits & Fringe" and "Ink Advance" here:

Above is the one and only Catherine Brooks in front of some of her works from "Uncommon Gardens". Many are talking about Catherine's work and we're excited to have her back next year for a solo show in our project room. More details on that soon.

Until then, be sure to check out more of Brooks' work here:

LA Weekly posts slide show of May openings...

The LA Weekly recently posted a nice slide show of works from our May openings...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Armsrock is killing it!

Armsrock continues to build up steam... and just killed it up in SF at Upper Playground's Fifty24SF Gallery alongside the UK's one and only D*Face... if you are up in SF over the next couple weeks - DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!
For more on Armsrock, be sure to watch his blog at:

Coming this December to thinkspace: 2-man show with Brooklyn artist Elbow-Toe post opening night pics from May shows @ thinkspace post opening night pics from "Uncommon Gardens", "Plaits & Fringe" and "Ink Advance" @ thinkspace

More opening shots will be posted on our Flickr later today as well. Some amazing works are still on hand from all the exhibits, so please be sure to take a look at our 'Available Artwork' section here:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thinkspace featured in upcoming New Brow movie...

Thinkspace is proud to be included in the upcoming documentary feature film New Brow - The Rise Of Underground Art - a feature film presented by Humble Pictures in association with the Shooting Gallery.

First hand accounts from the artists, galleries and collectors who started and continue the new american art movement.

Including artists:
Adam 5100 - Anthony Ausgang - Van Arno - Gary Baseman - Shawn Barber - Glenn Barr - Tim Biskup - Kim Cogan - Joe Coleman - Curve - Mike Davis - Ewik - Natalia Fabia - Sherpard Fairey - Jeremy Fish - Helen Garber - Camille Rose Garcia - Mike Giant - John John Jessie - Eric Joyner - David Choong Lee - Mars-1 - Liz Mcgrath - Niagara - Anne Faith Nicholls - Shag - Todd Schorr - Isabelle Somaras - The Pizz - Mark Ryden - Robert Williams - and more...

Billy Shire Fine Arts - Copro Nason Gallery - La Luz de Jesus - Merry Karnowsky Gallery - Roq La Rue - Shooting Gallery - Thinkspace Gallery - White Walls - Varnish Gallery and more...

9mm Books - Juxtapoz - Hi-fructose - Fecal Face - Raw Vision - Wierdo Deluxe and more...

For more on the movie, check out the site here:

View trailer #1 here:

View trailer #2 here:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New print soon from Allison Sommers!!!

We're excited to announce we'll be issuing Allison Sommers first giclee print very soon...

Allison Sommers
Giclee print on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
8x10” (6.5 x 8.5” image area)

Edition size and price announced soon… stay tuned for details.

Keep an eye on Allison's progress via her flickr and journal:
and here:

Oh... and get ready for her solo show in our project room next May... can not wait for that! Couldn't contain myself any longer, had to mention that one. Going to be so amazing!!!

BoingBoing talks up "Uncommon Gardens"... recently posted about "Uncommon Gardens" and really were taken by the works of Caia Koopman - cool stuff! Check out the action at the below link:
Pictured above (l-r): Kelly Vivanco, Caia Koopman, Catherine Brooks and Kris Chau (Lilly wasn't able to make the opening, but we'll have her over next year for her show with us in the fall).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coming this July to Thinkspace...

Audrey & friends lineup announced...

Audrey recently posted some shots of her breaking out the colored pencils and a new sketch book... looks like she's starting to prepare for our upcoming drawing show with her & her friends this November... more details announced on this soon, but look for a great array of new drawings and other work from Audrey plus an installation in our front room that she's currently cooking up plus a couple drawings each from the below lineup that's now been finalized.

Check it out, all hand picked by Audrey herself. A pretty impressive mix and some great new names to check out. I can't wait to see it all hung, she did a great job putting this list together.

Full line up for show (alphabetical by last name):
Lauren Albert and
Eric Thomas Bostrom and
Catherine Brooks and
Catherine Campbell and
Nomi Chi and
Liza Corbett
Irana Douer and
Amy Earles and
Julia Sonmi Heglund and
Stella Im Hultberg and
Meg Hunt and
Mari Inukai and
Audrey Kawasaki and
Laura Laine
Jason Levesque aka Stuntkid
Travis Louie and
Jessica McCourt
Fumi Nakamura
Joao Paulo
Lilly Piri and
Amy Sol and
Eveline Tarunadjaja and
Brian Viveros

Once things start to come together for this show as well as glimpses of some of the work of the other artists featured in the show.

If you don't already have it bookmarked, be sure to check out her live journal and watch Audrey's progress on her upcoming Rome solo and our drawing show that follows here:

Joncas continues to kill it...

Some views of a couple new ones from Sarah Joncas currently in M Modern's Anniversary show... just getting tighter and tighter.

Keep an eye on what Sarah's up to at:

KMNDZ featured on

KMNDZ was recently interviewed by as he prepares for his upcoming show with Ekundayo, "Red Forest", slatted for this Oct @ thinkspace - check it out here:

See more VIMBY (Video In My Back yard) videos at and learn more about KMNDZ at


Monday, May 12, 2008

New street piece from Elbow-Toe...

A fresh new piece on the streets from Brooklyn's ELBOW-TOE... so beautiful! Get ready for his show with Armsrock this December... going to be one of this year's highlights to say the least.

Pic courtesy of

Microbo and Bo130 - the Italian invasion has begun!

The Italian invasion has begun! Microbo and Bo130 arrive!!!
Italian street art masters Microbo and Bo130 have just sent us a nice array of new works to show to you all. We are SO stoked to be working with them, I can barely put it into words. They have been two of my favorite European street artists for the past several years. The top pic above is from the pairs recent show at Helium Cowboy Gallery in Brussels, Belgium with Morcky and TheBoghe. Just a stunning mural to say the least. The pics below that are just samples of their work.

To see the works in our inventory, check out the 'Available Artwork' section at the following link:

To check out more from their Helium Cowboy show in Belgium, click here:

The two have shown the world over, including taking part in last year's "The Streets Of Europe" show in NYC at Jonathan LeVine as well as being included in the highly prestigous "Wooster On Spring" project in 2006. The pair also organized the highly successful "Urban Edge" exhibit in 2005 in Milan, Italy and the “Izastikup Show Tour” exhibiton of the same year that featured the original pages of the highly popular Izastikup book (also put together by the pair) on display at Carhartt Clothing shops across Europe, including stops in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Berlin, and Madrid.

Their works have been featured in numerous books on street art and sticker art including:
Street Sketchbook – Tristan Manco
Street Logo s– Tristan Manco
The Art of Rebellion – C. Hundertmark
The Art of Rebellion 2 – C. Hundertmark
Up Until Now - Upper Playground
The Art of Rebellion 2
Izastikup - Dragoarte & Comunicazione
Pictoplasma Character Encyclopedia – P. Thaler, L. Denicke
& many more, including numerous features in European publications such as Modart.

For more on both, be sure to check out:

We hope you all enjoy their work as much as we do!

Friday, May 9, 2008

General update / recent trips to NYC and SF...

Been swamped with travels these past few weeks, not to mention taking down Kathie & Brandt's show and getting ready for our openings tomorrow night. The week before last I made a trip out to NYC and Brooklyn where many good things were put into motion and earlier this week I also swung up to SF for a couple days to visit some galleries and to meet with Armsrock to discuss plans for our big show with him and Elbow-Toe this December. He's KILLING the Upper Playground gallery up there with D*Face - their show opened tonight to what had to be a packed crowd. The gallery looked so amazing when I swung through, and they still had a day to add to it. They were both getting up all over SF. Armsrock laid down one of his signature sleeping homeless pieces on the sidewalk next to the opening of Fifty24SF - gripping to see in person. If you are in SF the next few weeks, don't miss this one. Also, on the Upper Playground tip, keep your ear to the ground for the opening of their LA spot.

I'll be back on track next week with the early head's up on the underground happenings. As mentioned above, things have just been a bit nutty. Considering most spots will barely tell ya' about a killer show that's next door to 'em, we're happy to always keep the community spirit alive by spreading the word.

Thursday, May 8, 2008 post preview on "Uncommon Gardens"...

Our good bud Jack over at just posted a nice lil' preview/behind the scenes glimpse of tomorrow night's show "Uncommon Gardens" featuring new works from Catherine Brooks, Caia Koopman, Lilly Piri and Kelly Vivanco.

Be sure to come on through, Kelly delivered a really beautiful installation/mural in our front room that carries into the main gallery.

See a glimpse here: posts on upcoming May openings... recently posted on our upcoming May openings....

Uncommon Gardens:

Plaits and Fringes:

Ink Advance special 'mini show' this Fri in project room...

Super last minute show announcement.... in addition to Kris Chau's solo show in our project room this Friday, we had some extra space, and I just got a sick, huge batch of works in from street artists Acorn (Canada / but super active in Germany and Australia as of late - just showed at BLVD too) and the artist couple of Ghostpatrol and Miso (from Melbourne, Australia).

The three recently had a big show in Australia that even had a special book accompany it called Ink Advance. I loved the show and we had already been working with Ghostpatrol and Miso, so I hit them up if they'd be into sending over some works in order to do a small U.S. version of the Ink Advance grouping.

Here's a lil' sneak peak of their wall:

AND hyped up the show as well here:

In the meantime, to check out more about Ghostpatrol, check out his site at:

For more on Miso, check out her site here:

And for all the latest, check their latest news update out here - these two are busy:


For more on Acorn, check out:

All their works will be posted in our 'Available Artwork' section by this weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flavorpill name "Uncommon Gardens" the show to hit this Fri... have called out this Friday's show at Thinkspace - "Uncommon Gardens" - as the show to hit in LA this Fri.

Check out the review here:

"Consider it Ladies' Choice at Thinkspace this month, as the gallery devotes its wall space to the work of four women with decidedly feminine bents to their styles and imagery. Caia Koopman, Kelly Vivanco, Lilly Piri, and Catherine Brooks festoon the gallery with flora- and fauna-based artwork, all of which embraces the delicate sensuality and sweetness of the archetypal female spirit. But these gals know that ladies are made equally of sugar and spice, as evidenced in particular by the moody sultriness of Brooks' female subjects and the graphic skate-culture edge Koopman brings to the table." – Ashley Tibbits /