Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New works from Cherri Wood, David MacDowell, Armsrock & more...

New works from Cherri Wood, David MacDowell, Armsrock & more are now in and posted on our site.

David MacDowell is a new artist to our gallery coming to us from Chesapeake, VA of all places - his skill is unquestionable and his imagination is to be admired and cherished - just view the four new works inspired by everything from Disney's mindwarping of America's youth to the Breakfast Club to a glimpse inside Brad Pitt's worst nightmare and more... one to watch and already showing in NYC at AdHocArt.

Armsrock, as mentioned here previously, will be showing with Elbow-Toe this December and these works are a lil' preview of what's to come. He has a HUGE year ahead - check the man's upcoming exhibition schedule:

8th of may:"ROCKFACE D'ARM"together with D'Face
Fifty24SF gallery//upperplayground - san francisco

12th of june"THIEVE'S LADDER"together with Chris Stain and Poncho
black rat press gallery - london

13th of june"POETS OF THE PASTE"together with Elbowtoe, Gaia and Imminent Disaster
ad hoc art gallery - new york

12th of december together with Elbowtoe
thinkspace gallery - los angeles

He's also alligned with Black Rat Press and Wooster Collective issued their first book highlighting his works, complete with an introduction from none other than Swoon. Don't sleep on Armsrock.

We're also excited to annoucne a fresh new batch of works from MN based artist Cherri Wood. Gaining recognition and building heat via a big push from Opus Underground in the UK and her recent solo at Andenken Gallery in Denver, the time is now to get on board and grab a piece before the market heats up further. We're excited to have these new works featured in "Intersections", a special exhibtion co-curated by Thinkspace, Cypress College and Giant Robot taking place on March 12th in Orange County at the Cypress College Gallery. Hailing from MN, her works are glimpses into the haunted fairy tale world that are her imagination.

View all works mentioned above in the 'Available Artwork' section at this link:

And if you haven't checked out the works from our Thinkspace's current show "The Trinity", please click the following link: http://www.sourharvest.com/thinkspace/2008/trinity/works.php

And check out pics from "The Trinity" opening here:

UP NEXT @ thinkspace:
KuKula "Dreamcatcher" - coming Fri, March 14th... don't miss this one, at least 20 new works will be on view from this up and coming SF based artist.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Elbow-Toe interview with NY Arts Magazine...

Check out an interview/article on Elbow-Toe that NY Arts Magazine just posted here:

And while you're at it, be sure to keep an eye on his blog at:

Can't wait for his December LA debut with Armsrock... get ready!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Armsrock interview posted (new works now in as well)...

Check out a killer new interview with German street artist ARMSROCK at the below link:

Big things ahead, including his big show with Elbow-Toe at Thinkspace this December, a solo show at Andenken in Denver already on the books for spring 2009 and group shows this year with the likes of D-Face - don't sleep on this amazing artist. Not to mention his involvement with the super hot Black Rat Press out of the UK.

View works we've on hand from Armsrock here:

Wooster Collective even likes his work enough to have issued their 1st book detailing his works - if you don't have that as yet, head on over to www.woostercollective.com now to order yours.

Juxtapoz.com posts opening night shots from "The Trinity" & "Pins & Needles"...

Check out the exclusive shots that Juxtapoz.com just posted from the opening night festivities for "The Trinity" and "Pins & Needles" - check it here:

Shows are up through March 7th, don't miss your chance to view in person if you are in LA area.

If you are in town tonight, and you aren't going to SWOON's debut LA solo... please check your pulse.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Art openings for this weekend (Feb. 15th/16th)

Art openings for this weekend (Feb. 15th/16th)

Thus, Feb. 14th 7PM - Midnight
Ghetto Gloss
2380 Glendale Blvd in Los Angeles / 323.912.0008
“The Garden Of Delight” with Christopher Bettig, Timothy Jason Reed, and Rachel T. Robertson

Fri, Feb. 15th 7-11PM
The Grind Gallery
12222 Venice Blvd. in Venice
“Love & Bullets” group show
(On view through March 7th)www.thegrindgallery.com

Sat, Feb. 16th
2062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276
“Overgrowth” featuring works from Zachary Rossman, Brian Rush & Katherine Guillen
(On view through March 12th)

Sat, Feb. 16th 7-10PM
New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood / 323.654.2192
“Drown In Your Boots” featuring new works and an installation from Swoon
(On view through April 19th)

Sat, Feb. 16th 7-10PM
SCION Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave in Culver City / 310.815.8840“Love Will Bring Us Apart Again” curated by Apart – check site for full details
(On view through March 1st)

Sat, Feb. 16th 7-10PM
Tropico de Nopal
1665 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles / 213.481.8112
“Los Eternos 2.0” featuring new works from Charles Glaubitz
(On view through March 22nd)

Sat, Feb. 16th 8PM-late
2876 Rowena Ave in Los Angeles / 323.661.1665
“Finders Keepers II” featuring new works from Walt Hall – TruXTop’s farewell show/closing
(On view through March 22nd)www.truxtopgallery.com

* Please know this is by no means a complete listing of all the art happenings in LA, nor do we try to attempt to be that, as there are great sources like the LA Weekly and many others for that. We strive to direct you towards exhibits that we plan to check out ourselves. Most shows we suggest fall within the realm commonly referred to as lowbrow, pop surrealism, outsider, new contemporary, etc. Enjoy!

It is always best to contact the gallery directly or visit their website to confirm all listings and to ask about possible cover charges or other restrictions.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Juxtapoz.com talks up this Fri's openings @ thinkspace...

View the love for "The Trinity" here:

View the love for "Pins & Needles" here:

Be sure to roll through if you are in town, all three artist that make up "The Trinity" are in town from NYC for the opening.